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At MiTEC, we create products for the people. All of our innovations are designed with you in mind, connecting you to the experiences, activities and people that matter the most. This has been our mission since 2008, and stays true to our heart, still in the present day.


Following over a decade of  bringing this ideology to life, MiTEC is now a widely recognized name in the tech and gadget world, renowned for bringing you tech that is innovative yet affordable. We take pride in making your everyday power and charging experience sleek, streamlined and worry free, so much so that we offer an extended warranty across all of our products to give you complete peace of mind.


Being for the people means that we are there for the world we live in too. At MiTEC, we all share a deep-rooted, environmentally conscious mind, and integrate our eco ideologies across all of the products that we offer. As opposed to other brands eco efforts of using recycled plastic within their packaging, our packaging is completely plastic free. As we grow as a business, we aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as we can, so that you can power up your world, without harming ours.

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With a deep-rooted belief in, and commitment to, protecting the environment, MiTEC has implemented its phased ‘Greenshoots’ initiative, pledging to become a fully sustainable brand – a marque with true zero carbon credentials.


Phase 1 (2020): MiTEC removed all plastics from its packaging, resulting in a completely biodegradable build to help reduce the level of plastic waste in landfills, and in the ocean.


Phase 2 (2021): Through continuous work with our partners to find better ways of protecting the world we live in, MiTEC has developed the first range of biodegradable mobile accessories, made from wheat straw.

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