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What is Anti-Split housing?

The term 'Anti-Split housing' when used in connection with mobile accessories, refers to a reinforced housing that sits just below the plugs at either ends of the cable. This is typically the weakest part of any cable and is the most common cause of product failure over time.

Cables from MiTEC use an extended and reinforced Anti-Split collar to help protect the cable housing as it connects to the plug.

Normal Anti-Split housing is tested, with a pull and twist technique, 10,000 times. The new MiTEC Anti-Split housing however, is tested 20,000 times and is designed to stop wear and tear splitting at this weakest point. This has proven to reduce returns and protect the cables for a significantly longer period of time, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty.

What is True Wireless?

True Wireless or True Wireless Stereo (TWS) is defined as a 'hearable' device that is not connected by a cord or neckband. Depending on the application TWS is designed for, within each hearable device are small microchips, microphones and sensors that can recognize voices, monitor noise levels and detect motion.

Above all, True Wireless is the most convenient way to listen to music or take a call, without disturbing those around you and having no wires or anything to connect the two ear-pieces liberates the user.

What is MFi?

Apple MFi certification is a license mark showing that Apple has authorised an accessory manufacturer to display the MFi logo on their products. MFi is the abbreviation of "Made for iPod, Made for iPhone and Made for iPad". Apple allows licensed manufacturers to print the MFi logo on the product package.

What are mAh?

Milliampere hour (mAh) is a unit of electrical charge that is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time. The higher the mAh, the longer the power bank will last.

Note: Actual performance will vary. Capacities are estimates only, based on the average battery capacities of top-selling devices in the market. See device's owner's manual for power requirements.

What is PD?

PD or Power Delivery is a specification for handling higher power in consumer electronics. This allows devices to charge faster over a USB connection by facilitating a conversion between two devices. Ultimately, this allows them to determine how much power can be pulled from the charger in the most efficient manner.

What is Wattage/Volts/Amps?

The output of a charge in electronics is measured in Amperage and Voltage. Amperage (or current) is the amount of electricity flowing from the battery to the connected device, while Voltage is the strength of the electric current.

Multiplying Volts by Amps gives you Wattage, the measure of total power.


My MiVIEW II chime is not connecting to the video doorbell?

To connect the chime to your video doorbell, firstly ensure that your video doorbell is connected to your mobile device via the app, and that the chime is plugged in.

Next, select a chime tune of your choice, using the music button on the chime.

Once selected, then press and hold the volume button for 5 seconds until the blue indicator light is showing.

Once you are able to see this, press the button on the video doorbell simultaneously. The chime should then ring, indicating that it is now connected.

Is my personal data/footage on the MiVIEW II app safe?

Yes. The data and video footage on your LiveHome app is encrypted so that it cannot be obtained either at the server or customer end. The only way anyone can access your account is if you share the device and its details with them; the data layer is isolated.

Your Wi-Fi password is also secure, there is no place to view that information

My MiVIEW II motion notifications are not appearing on my device?

Please ensure that push notifications for the app, and in general, are enabled on your device. Additionally, if your device is on silent/do not disturb mode, this can in some instances disable your notifications.

Where can I find the MiVIEW II App?

Using your devices camera, scan the relevant QR code, and this shall link you to the app

How do I restart the MiVIEW II?

Remove the back from the device, and then hold the red reset button for 5 seconds.

How do I set up the MiVIEW II again after restarting?

Press and hold the doorbell button for 8 seconds. Then, follow the in-app instructions to finish your Wi-Fi set up.

How do I add a shared user for my  MiVIEW II on a different device?

From the Livehome app's home page, firstly tap the share icon. Next, select either email share or QR share.

Email share:

The shared user will receive an email with a QR code. Scan the QR code to download the Livehome app. The shared user then will need to register an account (be sure to use the same email address as before). Next, log in to the account, and you will be able to view the shared doorbell.

QR code share:

Firstly, open the Livehome app on a new users device. From the home page, tap the plus button. Next, tap 'Scan QR code', and then scan the QR code generated before. Once you see a 'Share successful' message, then tap 'confirm'.

How do I adjust the PIR motion detection sensitivity on my MiVIEW II?

From the home page, tap the settings icon. Next, tap 'motion'.

PIR motion detection sensitivity:

- High: Records and notifies you about every motion. Shortest battery life.

- Medium: Records and notifies you about motion less often. Standard battery life.

- Low: Records and notifies you about motion even less often. Maximum battery life.

How many users can view the video on my MiVIEW II at the same time?

Up to 3 users may view the video feed, but only 1 user can use the direct intercom. Both IOS and Android are compatible.

Is 5GHz WiFi supported on my MiVIEW II?

No. Only 2.4GHz WiFi is supported.

Why is my WiFI signal poor on my MiVIEW II?

Your doorbell may be too far away from your wireless router or you may have some obstructions in between that reduce signal strength. You might try repositioning your router or getting a signal extender/repeater for your wireless router.

The live sound on my MiVIEW II is crackling loudly?

In most instances, this is due to interference noise, either from objects obstructing the signal, or from the phone being very close to the doorbell. We advise to keep your phones 5 meters away from the doorbell in order to reduce this noise.

I am having trouble loading the live feed on the Livehome app when i am away from home?

When away from home, you will need to be connected to a strong WiFi or mobile data/3G signal in order to view the live feed. Due to the large, 1080p quality of the live video feed, a weak signal may be unable to load the video. A strong, 2.4Ghz, signal works best.

To view the strength of your signal, access the settings in your app, and view the tab titled 'WiFi Signal'.

Is the MiVIEW II compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

Unfortunately, the MiVIEW II is currently not compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google home.

Can I connect additional chimes to my MiVIEW II?

Unfortunately, the MiVIEW II is only compatible with one chime.

When I am trying to connect a second mobile device to the LiveHome app, the first account is disconnecting?

Please ensure that on the second device, you create a new account, with a different email address. If the same account is used, the app with automatically log you out.

Why is my MiVIEW II battery draining so quickly?

There are a few reasons as to why this could be:

1- The internet connection is unstable, causing the camera to become offline. The device will then try to search for a WiFi to connect to. Whilst it does this, the batteries will be draining. If the WiFi is constantly unstable, the device will always be busy connecting so the batteries will drain very quickly.

To resolve, please re-position the doorbell closer to the router, and ensure no objects will be obstructing the signal.

2- If the Live View function on the app is used constantly, the battery will drain very quickly.

3- If there are too many motion events, the battery will drain very quickly.

To resolve, please access the 'motion settings' within the app, and set to medium or low. The lower the settings, the longer your battery life will last.

What is the paid CLOUD service in app update V2 ?

After updating your Livehome app to V2, you will be able to access the option to switch to a paid CLOUD service.

Before this update, all of your saved motion events would automatically remove and delete after 7 days. With this new paid service however, you are now able to upgrade your CLOUD storage service to have access to your older videos, that in the free version, would have been deleted after 7 days.

If you do not wish to upgrade your CLOUD service, you will still be able to enjoy the CLOUD service as before. In this case, we suggest saving your important videos to your device before they expire, to ensure that you do not lose any important footage.


How do I know if my Smart watch/Fitness band is charging?

When the smart watch/fitness band is inserted the correct way into a USB port, the devices screen will display a charging symbol to indicate that it is successfully charging.

How do I charge my Smart watch/Fitness band?

The USB charging connection for our smart watch/fitness band is integrated onto the actual watch face itself.

Firstly, pull the wristband straps out from the watch face.

Next, locate the end which has two gold stripes. This is the USB connection.

To charge, place this connection into a USB port. If input successfully, the screen will display a charging symbol.

My Smart watch/Fitness band is not showing up on the App?

If your Smart watch/Fitness band is not showing up in the app when trying to connect, please ensure that your device is fully charged, and that your Bluetooth is not already connected to the device. If this is the case, access your devices Bluetooth settings, and remove the watch/band from your connected devices. With this, your product should now appear within the app.

Where can I find the Smart Watch App?

Using your devices camera, scan the below QR code, and this shall link you to the app.

Where can I find the Fitness Band App?

Using your devices camera, scan the relevant QR code, and this shall link you to the app.

I am not receiving notifcations after enabaling them on my Smart watch/Fitness band?

Android users: Make sure the band connects with the phone initially. Then, open privileges and allow the app access to incoming calls, messages and contacts. In settings, allow the app to run in the background. If you have any security apps installed, add the watch/band app to your trust list.

iOS users: If you receive no notifications when connected, please reboot the phone and connect again. Additionally, re-pair via Bluetooth.

How long does the Smart Watch app store my data for?

The data is saved for 7 days, and then erased after this period.

My Smart Watch/Fitness Band is not connecting to the app?

Please firstly access your mobile phones Bluetooth settings, and remove the watch/band from your saved devices. Next, please turn your Bluetooth off and on, but do not connect to the watch. Instead, please connect via the app through the 'Bind Devices' menu. If your device is initially connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, it will be unable to connect to the app.


Where can I find the 4K Action Camera App?

Using your devices camera, scan the relevant QR code, and this shall link you to the app.

What SD Card will I need for the 4K Action Camera?

This camera supports micro-SD cards, up to 64GB.

My 4K Action Camera is frozen on the 'MiTEC' loading screen?

Please ensure that you have first inserted a compatible SD card. When inserted, turn the camera off, and then on again. This now should un-freeze the screen.

How do I connect my 4K Action Camera to the app?

To connect the camera to the app, firstly turn on your camera, and hold down the up button until you enter 'WiFi mode'. This will display a WiFi SSID and password.

Next, access the WiFi settings in your phone, and find the SSID network the camera displays. Press this network to join, and enter the password displayed on the camera.

Once connected, please enter the app. You will be greeted with a 'WiFi' screen. Under your connected networks, the action camera SSID network will display. Tap this.

After a few moments, your action camera will sync to your phone and you will be able to access the live feed, and all app functions.


Only one earbud is playing sound?

Please firstly place both earbuds back into the case. Next, remove the earbuds from your Bluetooth saved devices on your mobile phone. Then, please turn your Bluetooth off and on again. Next, please remove both earbuds from the case. Both buds should be flashing red and blue. Please double click on the right earbud, forcing the left to pair. Once pairing is successful, the right earbud should stop flashing, and the left earbud should flash a red and blue light.

How do I disable the blue flashing light on the earbuds?

The LED, 'connected' indicator cannot be disabled when the device is turned on.

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