Get a super 120”, full HD viewing experience with the MiTEC HD Ready Projector from the MiPIX series. Enjoy a comfortable image, with a clean, 1080P resolution and an adjustable screen size, ranging from 32-120”. With a stylishly small build, this projector is the perfect, low profile device for streaming all of your favourite content. 

MiTEC MiPIX Mini LED Projector

SKU: 27500ME40

•Compact Build - Small and Stylish, this lightweight projector fits comfortably within any environment.

•1080p Resolution - Supports HD, 1080p resolution, for a clear and dynamic LED display.

•Up to 120” Display - Project your content up to 120 inches, offering a large viewing area for an all-immersive experience.

•Multimedia Connectivity - Share content from HDMI and AV multi-media sources.

•Media Player - Supports video, photo, text and music content, shared via USB and micro devices.

•Built-in Speaker - Play audio through the integrated speaker, or via an external, 3.5mm AUX compatible audio device.

•Cinema Experience - Create an all-immersive, big screen cinema experience within your own home*

*for best performance, usage in a dark environment is recommended