Charge your important devices on-the-go with the MiTEC 6,000mAh Power Bank from the MiPOWER collection.


With a 6,000mAh, 2.1 Amp output, this Power Bank charges devices swiftly with a quick and powerful energy transfer, providing 2 full charges of a smartphone.


This Power Bank is portable and compact, making it perfect for carrying in your bag for emergency charging needs.


The  dual USB port output allows for universal compatibility to charge a number of different gadgets simultaneously, all from one device. 

Style Stone Grey 6,000mAh Dual Port Power Bank

SKU: 269410ME45
  • This Power Bank is a must have for when out and about, with a sleek, portable build to avoid adding any unnecessary bulk or heavy weight to your bag. Simply take with you and enjoy peace of mind when traveling, knowing that you can emergency charge your devices at anytime and always stay connected. 
  • The 2.1 amp output charges devices swiftly, with quick and powerful energy transfer to instantaneously power up your devices. With a power output of 6,000mAh, this power bank can provide up to 2 full charges of a smartphone (based on the average battery capacities of top-selling devices in the market), making this device the perfect companion for any day out, when a quick, portable charging solution is needed.

  • With dual USB ports, this power bank provides simultaneous charging, without sacrificing charging speed. Charge two different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and more, all at once. The USB connectivity allows for universal compatibility across a number of various USB powered devices.

  • With a bright, LED charge indicator, this power bank accurately tracks the remaining battery power (25%-50%-75%-100%), input and output status: No more guessing whether you need to charge your power bank or not.  When the power button is held for 3 seconds, you can also activate the built-in torch feature, perfect for simple illumination in dark areas or at night.

  • Pack contains 1x 6,000mAh Power Bank and 1x Micro USB Charging Cable. The cable doubles as both a charging cable for the power bank, and a charging cable for your Micro USB devices. Our ‘Greenshoots’ packaging is 100% recyclable too, so that you can power up your world, without damaging ours.